Super funds fail the performance test

Results released in August this year showed that 13 super funds failed to meet the new super performance test. The funds have been forced to write to their members, informing them of this failure and suggesting they consider other funds. There are over 1 million super members involved and around 7% have since swapped out…


Here’s a link to my latest Facebook post – today’s topic is the release of the latest Chart Pack from the Reserve Bank of Australia. It’s not as boring as it sounds – there’s a bucket of interesting information on the world of money surrounding you right now.

Want the big picture of the Australian economy right now – in pictures?The Reserve Bank of Australia has released the…

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A link to my Facebook post on some key trends in the Australian economy.

Even if you don’t usually like financial detail, there’s bound to be something of interest for you somewhere in this update. After all, it’s Australia’s economy in pictures – and you are part of that economy. It impacts you, and to a lesser extent, you impact it – every day!

Enjoy your day, and your reading!

I’ve included a photo of some boys celebrating the release of the RBA Chart Pack. Look how happy they are. It’s fun stuff.

[ Photo brilliantly taken by Robert Collins on Unsplash ]

Long term super returns to explode higher!*

Long term super fund returns are about to explode higher!* Yes folks, we are about to enter a period where the longer term super fund returns will look very good indeed. At least – significantly better than they were in fund reports of just two years ago. Here’s the secret that will make long term…

Fraud and Malice

Be ever wary for the possibility of fraud and malice!

Today I received a scam phone call, from criminals trying to extort money by claiming to be the Australian Taxation Office.

These scum forced vulnerable people to pay them over $800,000 in November last year alone. They must be stopped.

Grandfathered commissions explained

grandfathered commissions michaelsmusings ozan-safak-476758-unsplash

Grandfathered commissions is a term that is receiving a lot of airplay at the moment through the Royal Commission. The term is used so often and to cover so many different concepts that I thought it might be helpful to spend some time discussing just what “grandfathered commissions” actually refers to. It’s also helpful to…


A quiet look at retirement and choices for retirement income – from my Facebook page.

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Thoughts on money, retirement, wealth, happiness and financial planning. Here’s a link to my latest Facebook post. Comments and thoughts always welcome!

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Underemployment – is it the future?

Underemployment Michaels Musings Photo by Crown Agency on Unsplash

Underemployment is a big feature of the current global employment picture. Although more people are finding work, it would appear that a lot have given up any chance of finding work. So I thought it would be a good idea to tackle some of the issues that are raised by having a large slice of…

Fear and Greed in financial planning

michaelsmusings fear and greed financial planner perth Photo by on Unsplash

Fear and greed are words that are rarely used in financial planning. I’ve often wondered why – are we planners being too soft on raw features of behaviour? Do we allow professional politeness and discretion to stomp all over basic, honest advice? Fear and greed are two fairly common observations a financial planner encounters in…