Brief thoughts on Europe


Chancellor Angela Merkel arrives in France and is going through passport control.

“Nationality?” asks the immigration officer.

“German” she replies.


“No. Just visiting.”


No really… is anyone else finding it hard to think of European political attempts to fix economic problems without resorting to chuckles?

¬†Europe – lessons in moving at the pace of a wounded snail…

Simon here in our office has just sent through this little gem from the BBC website… Have a read of the fantastically prudent and appropriate steps being considered by European politicians and economic advisors as they seek to deal with the problems of failing banks and impending sovereign debt market collapses, leading to potential armed conflict and generational problems of horrendous magnitude.

Financial Planning Perth : those clever Europeans

Oh.. what was that? We’ll have a think about definitely introducing these ever-so-important policy steps in about 5 years time…



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