Good news – Australia’s inflation is down! Or is it up?


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Here’s a little thought…

The RBA announces inflation outcomes. If quarterly inflation falls, and the annual rate falls, is inflation higher?

BBC News. Infation keeps easing. So is it down or up?

BBC News. Infation keeps easing. So is it down or up?

As Simon in our office has today pointed out, it depends on who you read, and what they are trying to say. BBC News suggests inflation is easing, so i guess it’s lower.

The Age suggests prices are up, so i guess inflation is higher.

Is inflation up or down if prices are up?

Perhaps it’s all a matter of perspective. For the average Australian family, you’d have to suggest that inflation is higher. The cost of buying food, paying electricity bills and filling the car with petrol are all higher.

And my favourite version of “doublespeak“…?

Telephone “Cap Plans” that have a cap which is the minimum price you are going to pay.

Since when did a “cap” become a minimum? Truly, you have just got to admire marketing campaigns that convincing us to change the meaning of basic words.



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