Economic World Title Fight for the minds of government


Like it or hate it, our little blue planet spinning in space is currently focussed on money. Sport, gardening and cooking shows may interrupt for a while but all across the globe the big competition is money.

Two competing schools of economic thought

An argument being played out right across the globe, right now.

Economic World Title Fight

It is not really a stretch to say that looking at the way countries and economies are being governed today is like watching a very boring tv show involving second rate actors and two-bit extras. A kindergarten side-show that no one is interested in but everyone has an unwilling stake in.

i could spend hours writing a comprehensive dissertation on why this is so, and the key positions held by the two duelling schools of economic thought. And you could spend hours reading it.

But we’re not going to do that today – partly because today is a Friday, and partly because i have found a much better way. i’m going to share it with you, and you don’t have to send me money or subscribe to my website or email newsletter. Not because i’m exhorbitantly wealthy or benevolent or even because i’m a nice guy. I’m sharing this because you will not find a better description of the arguments being debated in the hallowed halls of power all around the world right now. Arguments that will determine every aspect of your future financial position.


Go on, admit it. That was good, wasn’t it?

Extra Reading

Of course, we all know i’m more wordy than that. So here’s some extra weekend reading for those who want more specifics.

Arguments between Republicans following Heyek, and Democrats urging Keynes.

G20 politicians agreeing to hold a meeting to discuss the agenda for a meeting to negotiate start dates for further meetings on immediate and solid action to stop the world sliding into another Great Depression. “All those in favour of supporting Judith’s resolution hold up their hands.” Right, let’s get down to working out a meeting to discuss immediate action.



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