Trouble with the Law?


No, it’s not what you think…

In my experience, the legal profession has a similar problem to the financial planning profession – lots of people are scared to make an approach to use the services on offer. This could be the result of bad publicity, unrealised expectations in the past or bad experiences of friends and family. Often it is the result of a misunderstanding of what is on offer and what can be achieved.

This is where the internet has been both helpful and unhelpful.

The internet has allowed access to previously privileged information, as well as near instantaneous access to news and updates. However, it has also made available an enormous amount of data, which is simply confusing if you do not have a method of interpreting it or distilling it down to something that is applicable to you.

For those who are a little lost when considering legal issues, or who simply want to be able to get legal documents together quickly or simply look at what is available – there is a very good website that is worth having a look at.

It is called LawCentral.

Obviously, it cannot provide you with advice – you will always need a lawyer for that. It can, however, provide you with a lot of information and an ability to do things yourself – if you are inclined that way.

The reason for including this note is to encourage those who may be a little scared of going to a lawyer to at least start the process of considering important issues – such as wills, powers of attorney and the like.

I hope you find it useful.


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