It’s Friday! How about filling out a survey?


There are so many things to write about today.

We could ponder the likelihood of Goldman Sachs issuing a “sell” on commodities while holding a massive shorting position – but conspiracy theories are so old-school, and just because they’ve done this sort of thing before, it doesn’t mean they would do it again, does it…?

We could look at the (my opinion) brilliant Nadeem Walayat of the Market Oracle, who is suggesting Australia’s sharemarket going nowhere for 18 months, “…is corrective and implies resolution to the upside”. We could look at his recently released  Stocks-Stealth-Bull-Market-2011-by-Nadeem-Walayat and go through the massive amount of research underlying his thoughts – but it is a Friday, and do we really want to do that on a Friday? Maybe on a Saturday, with a cup of tea and a biscuit.

There would be a lot of fun conversation over dinner tonight if we were to fully buy tramadol cheapest online investigate the fellow in Los Angeles who charged new Chinese immigrants wads of money to sign up to his fake army unit, which he then paraded around the local streets.

But no… the point here is to convince you to fill out a very quick survey for me… See, there’s even a video to emphasise the point and to aid your humour on a lovely Friday afternoon, replete with a rather terrifying facial expression. Note to self – more work required on video editing…


Now that you have convinced yourself to spend a moment completing this survey, just follow this link…

 Take the Survey.

Remember, you don’t need to log onto the musings website to see these updates (Naomi…!), just click on the link and all should be available. Please let me know if you have any trouble getting there.


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