A Christmas Card for you


A Christmas Card from the advisers and staff of Wealth & Security Planners and Streamline Financial Planning

A Christmas Card from the advisers at WSP Pty Ltd.

It’s been a busy and productive year – so let’s say goodbye to 2015 with another irreverent Christmas Card from the advisers of WSP.

Thank you to our loyal clients, many of whom have now been with us for time periods measured in decades.

Thank you to Chelsea Hilton, Taryna Botek, Joe Ruzzi, Kay, Warren (aka Murray), Glenn Longmire and the ranks of people that we deal with day-to-day when operating our business.

A big “Well done!!!” to Tania Petrilli for her incredible efforts while battling Timmy and the Big C – and somehow still managing to turn up for work, smiling and eager to help people.

Thank you to the many managers, support staff and colleagues of the large number of institutions that we deal with so frequently.

And finally, a big Thank You to you for reading this note now and to anyone who has taken the time to visit and like this site and our company Facebook page.

We really do appreciate all the help and support we receive from clients and colleagues. It means a lot to us all.

Enjoy the card!



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