Here’s a link to my latest Facebook post – today’s topic is the release of the latest Chart Pack from the Reserve Bank of Australia. It’s not as boring as it sounds – there’s a bucket of interesting information on the world of money surrounding you right now.

Want the big picture of the Australian economy right now – in pictures?The Reserve Bank of Australia has released the…

Posted by Michael's Musings on Tuesday, 6 August 2019
A link to my Facebook post on some key trends in the Australian economy.

Even if you don’t usually like financial detail, there’s bound to be something of interest for you somewhere in this update. After all, it’s Australia’s economy in pictures – and you are part of that economy. It impacts you, and to a lesser extent, you impact it – every day!

Enjoy your day, and your reading!

I’ve included a photo of some boys celebrating the release of the RBA Chart Pack. Look how happy they are. It’s fun stuff.

[ Photo brilliantly taken by Robert Collins on Unsplash ]

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