A festive season Christmas Card

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‘Tis the season to be jolly! To help kick off the festive season revelry for 2016, here is a Christmas Card from the advisers and staff of Wealth & Security Planners and Streamline Financial Planning. It’s been a challenging year, so let’s all look forward to and plan for a better and brighter 2017!  

Agricultural investment is back in vogue

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Agricultural investment has traditionally been seen as volatile, cyclical, capital-intensive and offering low returns. Yet in recent years this perception has changed. Today, agricultural investment is seen as offering the potential for high growth and higher long term stability. Why is this so? Agricultural investment – the new black Rich-list billionaires have splurged on agricultural…

Sharemarket cycles – Is it different this time?


Sharemarket cycles can be scary things. Most people know sharemarkets go up and down, and sometimes those moves can be savage. The nightly news will always highlight a large fall in market values, and news articles often highlight that “$x billion has been lost today” or some such wording. What is not so common however, is news…

Financial Planner education

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Financial planner education standards have again made the news, so i thought i’d share a little insight into the world financial planners currently inhabit. Financial planner education is just one of many areas in which financial planning has evolved dramatically. Such improvements are not general knowledge in the broader community, so this post is really…

Financial Health Check

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Hands up all those who enjoy sitting down to update their finances and submit themselves to a new year financial health check? There aren’t a lot of you, are there?

OK. It’s time to stop avoiding this little financial task. Prepare yourself because I’m about to give you The-Just-Do-It Stare.

Financial Planning for Holidays

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What’s the point of being prudent with money if you don’t take the time to reward yourself by actually spending some of that hard-earned cash? As a financial planner, i have seen heart-wrenching examples of people doing everything they can to master their financial position, only to see ill health, family circumstances or an early…

Higher investment returns!

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Higher investment returns – or lower? From a financial adviser’s point of view, discussion on investment returns can be a fun diversion from the day-to-day paperwork and calculations, so here’s my attempt at putting together a layman’s interpretation of some rather frivolous news headlines. Higher Investment Returns – ? or ! – ? In a…

2016 Budget Superannuation

2016 Budget Superannuation is it fair image by Joshua Earle via Unsplash

“Ask not what your country can do for you – ask what you can do for your country” – John F Kennedy’s powerful call for Americans to put aside self-interest, and strive to build a better nation. This is what I think the Federal Government has asked Australians to do when judging its 2016 Budget…

Oil prices

when prices go crazy image source littlegatepublishing.com PRNewsFoto/Frost Sullivan

It seems to me that commentary on oil prices has reached epic meme proportions, so it tickles my sense of cynical irony to put finger to keyboard with a post on oil prices. My primary motivation, apart from simple glee at joining the lemming herd decrying the collapse of oil prices, is to add a financial planner…

A Prosperous 2016 to you

prosperous 2016 perth financial planning photo via unsplash by jordan mcqueen

“Prosperous” means different things to different people – but over the years i have found that we all share very similar basic needs when it comes to money. Here are my 2016 prosperity money tips.