Interest rate jitters

What keeps this financial planner awake at night? Currently, it’s thoughts about “the anchoring fallacy” and the impact it can…

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Interest rate jitters

losing sleep over interest rate jitters

What keeps this financial planner awake at night? Currently, it’s thoughts about “the anchoring fallacy” and the impact it can have on money and plans for the future.

Pension Deeming after 1 January 2015

pension deeming deadline

D-Day for pensioners is approaching With important new deeming rules coming into effect on 1 January 2015, now is the time to review your superannuation and pension arrangements to ensure you don’t miss out on valuable Social Security entitlements.  Pension deeming after 1 January 2015 will change Account based pensions have generally been given favourable…

Federal Budget Shenanigans

Federal Budget Shenanigans

Like a circus sideshow, the May budget has found its way back into our backyards. Yes folks, it’s time for more Federal Budget Shenanigans in Australia! As a financial planner, i find the announcements and discussion surrounding Federal Budgets highly amusing, as nearly every possible form of financial fudging is on display. Rather than discuss…

Talking money in a new relationship

Money and relationships

“Darling, it’s time we talked about money…” In my financial planning experiences, talking about money early in a relationship is incredibly important. Even more important is making sure you talk about money honestly and openly. When a couple start working on a budget, one of the last areas usually tackled is their differing attitudes to…

Property Value

Property Values

How much do you think the property you live in is worth? How about the suburb or area in which you live – what do you think would be the combined value of all those properties? Ever wondered what all the property on earth is worth? Global Property Value As usual in an information filled world,…


Savings are the start of every geat investment plan. Here’s a New York Times page with a very simple “slider” calculator that helps to work out how much your savings could grow to. It’s based on putting aside a percentage of your income – you enter the rate of return and the number of years to invest.

The power of compound interest is vividly demonstrated. i like the emphasis on savings, as so much of mainstream media focus is on investment – which can’t happen without savings.

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Happiness and a long retirement

How do you plan for happiness and a long retirement? From a financial planning point of view there are two key questions to resolve before you can come up with an answer: What is a “happy life”, and  How long is “long”?   Happiness in retirement This is really your part of the financial planning…

Musing on the price of guaranteed returns


What is the price of obtaining a guaranteed return? More correctly, what will it cost you to buy a guaranteed return? We all want a great tax-free return with no risk but the reality is that every investment involves some element of risk and tax – well, we all know the old saw about death…

Risk and Return

Risk and return. Making decisions on probability

Risk and Return are two aspects of investment that are most often discussed separately, as if it were possible to have one without the other. This is especially true in the post-Global Financial Crisis (“GFC”) world, where the range of potential outcomes can be quite large. The GFC and its aftermath have created big huge…

Musing on Interest Rates

Reserve Bank of Australia cash rates chart August 2013

Australia’s cash interest rates are currently at record low levels. If your cash account earns that interest rate of 2.5% then you are probably just keeping ahead of official inflation rates – currently noted as 2.4%. If you are paying tax then that means your purchasing power is slowly being eroded. In other words, the…