Underemployment – is it the future?

Underemployment Michaels Musings Photo by Crown Agency on Unsplash

Underemployment is a big feature of the current global employment picture. Although more people are finding work, it would appear that a lot have given up any chance of finding work. So I thought it would be a good idea to tackle some of the issues that are raised by having a large slice of…

Fear and Greed in financial planning

michaelsmusings fear and greed financial planner perth Photo by rawpixel.com on Unsplash

Fear and greed are words that are rarely used in financial planning. I’ve often wondered why – are we planners being too soft on raw features of behaviour? Do we allow professional politeness and discretion to stomp all over basic, honest advice? Fear and greed are two fairly common observations a financial planner encounters in…

Investors are confused by strange markets

investors michaels musings USA 10 year bond market yield 12 months

Investors in today’s markets are confronted with a barrage of information, opinions, statistics as well as claims from marketing and promotions that can make it very difficult to decide just what to do, and when. This post isn’t going to make your decisions any easier, I’m afraid – but it may just help you to…

Superannuation – Happy New Year!

Superannuation is easy Michaels Musings Photo by Denys Nevozhai on Unsplash

Superannuation rules in Australia have undergone some fairly dramatic changes as of the 1st July 2017. With that threshold date now behind us, let’s consider what this new world looks like.. Superannuation is simple Yes, it truly is. Super for most people will be the least difficult, most rewarding and less stressful area of their…

Share Market Crash? What should an investor do?

Share Market Crash should you worry image by blair-fraser-15137 of unsplash

Share market crash? How to successfully predict 11 of the last 2 major sharemarket crashes. This musings will look at predictions for a share market crash. Are they realistic? How do we know a market is going to crash? If 10 people tell you to sell and 10 people tell you to buy – which are…

Looking for your planner?

michaels musings contact page photo by Evan Kirby from Unsplash

Wondering where you planner is? We don’t blame you.. Looking for your Planner? The planners of Wealth & Security Planners and Streamline Financial Planning have been locked away in their bunker, updating systems and improving processes as we move to the Australian Financial Directions licence. Exciting changes are under way, and we’ve been getting the basics…

A festive season Christmas Card

michaelsmusings-wsp festive season-christmas-card

‘Tis the season to be jolly! To help kick off the festive season revelry for 2016, here is a Christmas Card from the advisers and staff of Wealth & Security Planners and Streamline Financial Planning. It’s been a challenging year, so let’s all look forward to and plan for a better and brighter 2017!  

Agricultural investment is back in vogue

agricultural investment michaels-musings-image-by-tobias-keller-from-unsplash

Agricultural investment has traditionally been seen as volatile, cyclical, capital-intensive and offering low returns. Yet in recent years this perception has changed. Today, agricultural investment is seen as offering the potential for high growth and higher long term stability. Why is this so? Agricultural investment – the new black Rich-list billionaires have splurged on agricultural…

Sharemarket cycles – Is it different this time?


Sharemarket cycles can be scary things. Most people know sharemarkets go up and down, and sometimes those moves can be savage. The nightly news will always highlight a large fall in market values, and news articles often highlight that “$x billion has been lost today” or some such wording. What is not so common however, is news…